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Mission Statement

The Princeton Electric Plant Board is a community-owned enterprise providing electric services to the Princeton area. We are committed to improving the economic and environmental quality of the community in partnership with our customers, providing reliable electric power at the lowest rates achievable through innovation, efficiency, and professional operations.






RS Customer #1 $14.89
RS All kWh $0.11517



GSA1 Customer #1 $27.85
GSA1 All kWh $0.12647



GSA2 Customer #1 $127.66
GSA2 kW, 51-1,000 $15.71
GSA2 1st 15,000 kWh $0.10497
GSA2 Additional kWh $0.10497


GSA3 Customer #1 $294.15
GSA3 kW, 0- 1,000 $15.46
GSA3 kW, 1001- 5,000 $17.88
GSA3 Block 1 kWh $0.08697
GSA3 Block 2 kWh $0.08697



Outdoor Light All kWh $0.08976
Who Determines the Rate?

In Princeton, Kentucky, a five member board of directors regulates rates.

The municipal’s manager and board of directors determine when the municipal needs a rate increase and how much is needed. After hours of audits, reviews, and research, the board of directors officially makes its decision and approves only what it deems to be absolutely necessary.

Rate increases are a serious matter. Your municipal’s board of directors and manager study all financial options carefully before any approval.

Princeton EPB has asked for rate increases only when absolutely necessary. Your PEPB is conscious of how higher rates affect its customers and only request an amount it believes it must have to provide dependable service and still remain financially sound.

Board of Directors & Staff

A Board of Directors, composed of five customers, governs Princeton EPB.  Directors are appointed by Princeton City Council.  They are elected to serve four-year terms.  Those presently serving as directors are:

Rumsey B. "Buz" Taylor III, Chairman
Jim Joiner, Vice Chairman
Jason Redfern, Treasurer/Secretary                           Mike Schelb, Director       
James "Jim" Miller, Director

Kevin Kizzee, General Manager/ Engineer

Sherry Jordan, Executive Assistant

Cindy Birrell, Chief Financial Officer

Amy Ladd, Office/ Billing Manager

Chris Burton, Operations Superintendent/Safety


Jessica Winters, Customer Service Representative

Heather Vinson, Customer Service Representative

Ben VanHooser, Line Foreman

Matt Hoard, Transmission Foreman

Austin Coleman, Lineman

Bobby Joe Harper, Lineman

Dewight Meeks, Lineman

Seth Wyatt, Lineman

Bryan Cortner, Meter (AMR) Technician

Colby Phillips, Network Admin.


Taxes Paid

Customers of Princeton EPB (PEPB) receiving electric service pay a school tax of 3% on their electric usages. Commercial customers pay an additional 6% sales tax.

PEPB makes several contributions to the community.



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