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Paperless Billing

Help us reduce your mailbox clutter and save the environment by going paperless. By signing up for paperless billing you will no longer receive a bill by mail. Instead you will receive an E-bill for your account (s).  The E-bill will be sent to your e-mail each month after the account has been billed.  E-bills are a convenient and fast way to receive your bill, save time, and enable you to access historical bills. Go paperless now!

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Paying Your Bill
Not all PEPB customer’s pay their electric bill at the same time. The statement you receive will state the date your particular bill is due. Payment after the stated date will result in the addition of a 5% “late charge”. After the due date, the bill is considered delinquent. Your disconnection date will always be 10 days after the original due date.
Click on e-Bizz icon to pay your bill online.
Social Security or Disability Recipients Payment Option Program

PEPB provides a payment option for customers who receive social security or disability payments.  This option is for customers on particular routes that do not fall on the first of each month.


  • Customers that are recipients of social security or disability are eligible for the program.
  • The due date for customers in the program will be the 5th of the month. The gross amount will be charged after the due date with service subject to termination ten (10) days after the due date.
  • To participate, we ask for proof of eligibility for social security or disability payments.
  • This program can be terminated by the customer or PEPB with a thirty (30) day notice.
Levelized Billing

PEPB provides a “Levelized Billing” program that allows customers to use your previous 12 month bills and calculate a rolling average.


  • Customer must have had service at their present location for 12 consecutive months, with no past due amount present on the day of enrollment.
  • The Customer’s current “budget” will be calculated using the previous 11 month’s history, plus the current balance and the current month’s usage.
  • All additional charges are added i.e. security light, taxes, waste management, heat pump loans, sanitation and surge protections.
  • The agreement may be cancelled by giving written notice to the PEPB. The agreement is automatically renewed each anniversary date, unless canceled in writing by the PEPB or the customer.
  • Levelized bill will be handled in the same manner as regular billing in relation to disconnects, lost bills, postmark dating (for late charges), returned checks, cut-off procedures, etc.
  • Late charges are charged on the Levelized amount.
  • When the agreement is cancelled, a final settlement will be calculated and the balance applied to the next (or final) bill due date.

Removal from Levelized Billing:

  • Regardless of actual usage each month, the budgeted amount is required payment.
  • Once a service disconnected or removed from Levelized Billing, a customer cannot re-enroll in the program for one year.
Bank Draft

NO MORE checks to write, monthly trips to pay your bill, late charges and worries about paying bills on time when you travel. Now you can sign up for our Bank Draft payment plan.

The Bank Draft payment plan is available for every account. It is convenient, efficient service for our valued customers, and allows you to authorize the transfer of funds automatically from either your checking or savings account for payment for your monthly electric bill.

Princeton EPB (PEPB) will send you a bill as usual. The amount deducted from your account will be shown on the monthly statement from your financial institution.
It is easy to get on the payment plan. Simply read the following requirements, complete the authorization agreement below, and return it to us with a voided check or savings account information.


  • Payment will be deducted from the account on the Monday prior to the due date.
  • After notification of insufficient funds for three consecutive months, customer’s participation in the plan shall be subject to cancellation.
  • If the agreement is canceled for any reason, even by request, the program cannot be resumed for one year unless approved by management.

Reading Your Meter

Princeton EPB reads all meters. This is done in order to hold down operating cost.

How to Read Your Meter

It measures kilowatt-hours like your car’s odometer measures miles. It is read the same way.

Subtracting the previous reading from the present reading gives you’re the latest amount used.

22155 Present Reading
21010 Previous Reading
1145 KWHs used

Some meters have a zero painted on the dail in the location of the last digit to the right. This zero is always read as part of the meter reading and placed on the meter reading card

Any zeros that are showing to the left of the number are important and should be included in the reading that is placed on the meter reading card.

If your meter should happen to have only four digits, place the reading in the last four spaces on the right of the meter reading card.




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