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Trade-A-Tree Program

PEPB offers a “Trade-A-Tree” program to our customers.  PEPB will cut down any tree that has grown into the distribution power lines (doesn’t include secondary or service line to home).  After the tree has been removed, and with the customers permission, PEPB will plant a flowering ornamental tree in the same area from which the tree was removed.


  1. The customer must contact our office so a work order can be completed.  PEPB will send someone to inspect the tree and line to verify it qualifies for the program.

  2. PEPB will provide a tree for each tree removed if it is located in a yard.

  3. After the inspection, the customer will be asked to sign a form requesting PEPB to remove the tree and plant a flowering ornamental tree.

  4. If the customer chooses to have a tree planted:

    PEPB will give the member several choices of flowering ornamental tree.

    The replacement tree will be planted in the general vicinity of the tree that was removed as long as it is not within 25’ of a power line.

    PEPB will choose the nursery to provide the tree and planting.

    The tree will be guaranteed to be alive and produce leaves the spring after planting, provided the tree has been cared for properly.  The tree then becomes responsibility of the customer.



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